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Tony’s Trop Rock Radio Interview

I recently took talking about my new book to a whole other level. With the help of an old friend, I went coast to coast with Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road.

Michael Wade Cullison and his lovely wife Monica were regular guests (who eventually became friends) at the Luna Blue Hotel and Bar in Mexico when Cheri and I owned the place. Nowadays, Michael’s passion is hosting a syndicated online radio show, “The Trop Rock Hour,” during which he plays tunes by independent tropical (i.e., Jimmy Buffett-style) rock musicians.

Through songs and conversation, Michael explores the world of beaches, margaritas, and escaping from reality. I was thrilled to be his guest to talk about my book, reminisce about my life in Mexico, and generally remind people to keep dreaming of the Margarita Road.

My conversation with Michael will be broadcast three times:

It was great fun talking with Michael about Playa del Carmen in the old days and about writing the book. Please tune in if you get the chance. And don’t forget to pour yourself a margarita before the show starts!


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