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It’s Not Too Late

Were you a bit distracted the past few weeks with the election, Halloween, Christmas (yes, it’s not too early) and the like?  I get it.  Life has been a bit crazy for us all.

I had hoped the launch of my book Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road would make the national news, with Oprah beating down my door and the New York Times begging to write a review.   Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream big!  LOL  While those things didn’t happen, I did have a couple of spectacular media events that you may have missed.

First off, my old buddy Michael Wade Cullison, who hosts a weekly online radio program called “The Trop Rock Hour,” interviewed me for his show.  We met Michael and his wife Monica back when we owned the Luna Blue Hotel & Bar in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and became friends over the years. It was great fun chatting with him again–telling stories of the old days and discussing how those stories turned into my book.  Michael, the consummate radio personality (who calls himself “your personal cabana boy”), wove my interview through the tropical music of his show and created an hour of great music and fun conversation.  It was like spending time on the beach with an old friend.

If you missed it, catch the replay here.

Then, last weekend, as part of the Conversations with Authors program syndicated by Book Passage bookstore, my good friend Peter Coyote and I conversed for an hour on Zoom about adventures in Mexico, my new book, travel, writing, Buddhism, and life in general.  If you don’t know Peter from his more than 120 films for theater and television (starting with E.T. in 1982!) or from the wonderful memoirs he has written, you probably know his voice.  He has narrated over 160 documentaries through the years and won two Emmys along the way.  It was delightful, and the hour went way too fast.

If you missed that event, you can watch the archived session here, but you do have to register first.  It’s free.

I  hope you enjoy these conversations as much as I enjoyed having them with my old friends.


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