Anthony Lee Head, Author of Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road
October 7, 2020

Luna Blue Books
Anthony Lee Head
San Rafael, California


Anthony Lee Head’s Debut Book Sparks the Dreamer in Us All

SAN RAFAEL, CA  On October 20, 2020, Luna Blue Books will release Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road, the debut novel of longtime Bay Area resident Anthony Lee Head. His fictional tales of free-spirited travelers are a perfect and timely antidote for anyone who has grown weary of quarantines and sheltering in place.

This captivating book follows modern-day nomads escaping the rat race in search of a fresh start. Fleeing boredom, bad marriages, and dead-end jobs, these adventurers wander south to Playa Paraiso—a lush, unspoiled village on Mexico’s idyllic Caribbean coast. There they find the unpredictable, hedonistic, and sometimes frightening world of the tropics.

Along the way, these saints and sinners encounter devastating hurricanes, vicious drug dealers, true loves, charming rogues, and clueless do-gooders. Against a backdrop of stunning blue water and endless white sand, they experience the heart’s tug of war between the need for a place to call home and the desire for the freedom to roam.

Author Anthony Lee Head knows firsthand the expat’s wandering lifestyle. In a fit of middle-aged madness, he gave up a long career as a San Francisco trial lawyer and ran away from home. He and his wife drove 3500 miles to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where they bought a rundown youth hostel near the beach. They spent a decade transforming it into a wildly popular small hotel and margarita bar. Their adventures in paradise, and those of their fellow vagabonds, became the inspiration for this work.

Bestselling author and journalist Joel Selvin says Driftwood steers “somewhere between Jimmy Buffett and John Steinbeck…” Kirkus Reviews (starred review) comments, “Truly wonderful and moving tales, the author is a writer to watch.”

Forget about all those canceled plane tickets and unused hotel reservations. Driftwood, Stories from the Margarita Road offers readers a chance to escape this pandemic lockdown life…if only for a while.


About the Author
Anthony Lee Head now lives in San Rafael, California with his wife and an embarrassingly large number of Mexican rescue dogs and cats. He is currently working on both a memoir and a new novel.

Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road
by Anthony Lee Head • Luna Blue Books
On Sale: October 20, 2020 • Price: $15.95• Pages: 264
ISBN: 9781735278100 (paperback)
9781735278117 (ebook)

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