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Driftwood is Right at Home in Key West

That’s me right next to Carl Hiaasen!!

In pre-pandemic days, Cheri and I would manage to escape to Key West at least once a year. But since that’s not a possibility right now, I’m excited to announce that the next best thing is true. My book, Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road is on the shelves at Key West Island Books at 513 Fleming Street!

Owner Suzanne Orchard told me, “I read your book and knew right away it would be a good fit for my bookstore. I ordered copies and have it in both my local section and my best sellers.

Whenever Cheri and I visit Key West, we always spend some time browsing in this bookstore. It’s a delightful place to find the best beach reads and inspiration for running away to paradise.

The characters in Driftwood will feel right at home in Key West. In fact, if you’ve read my book, you know that Key West is an important stop on The Margarita Road for a couple of them. 

And, as the southernmost tip of the continental United States, Key West offers the perfect ambiance and setting in which to read this book: warm breezes, blue-green water, and the most laid back attitude you’ll find anywhere in the U.S.

There are a lot of places you can purchase my book, but Cheri and I are huge supporters of indie bookstores like Key West Island Books.

Be sure to ask your local bookseller if they will stock Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road. If they don’t have it on hand, they will certainly be able to order it for you.

And next time you’re in Key West, stop by and say hi to Suzanne.

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  1. Larry feyerherm says:

    Hi Tony,
    Loved your book. Cant wait for the next one. Miss the Luna Blue. Miss you guys on Playa.info too0

    Larry (Beer Dude).

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