“Truly wonderful and moving tales; the author is a writer to watch.”
                                                                                 Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Have you ever dreamed of running away to paradise…

where the water is blue, the winds are warm, and–most importantly–where nobody knows you? The adventurers in Driftwood: Stories from the Margarita Road do more than just dream.

Escaping boredom, dead-end jobs, and bad marriages, these free spirits wander south looking for a fresh start. One by one they end up in Playa Paraiso–a lush, unspoiled town on Mexico’s idyllic Caribbean coast. There they find the unpredictable, hedonistic, and sometimes frightening world of the tropics.

At the center of this extraordinary group is Poppa, the irreverent and savvy owner of the local beach bar. As he tries to make sense of his own vagabond existence, he offers his fellow expats booze, advice, and the occasional helping hand. It is Poppa who tells the tales of these intriguing runaways, as together they encounter true loves, vicious drug dealers, charming rogues, clueless do-gooders, and a devastating hurricane.

Against a backdrop of stunning blue water and endless white sand, they experience the heart’s tug of war between the need for a place to call home and the desire for the freedom to roam.

Travelers, wanderers, explorers, and dreamers alike will see themselves in these unforgettable characters, all the while craving an icy boat drink on a sprawling beach. But be careful: if you stick your feet in the sand and come along on this journey, you may not want to go home again.