San Francisco in the Sixties


Madness in Every Direction is my latest project.  It is a mystery set in 1967 San Francisco during the Summer of Love, when the nation became infatuated with the hippies of Haight Ashbury.

Private detective Sam Hart, an ex-Special Forces soldier recently back from Vietnam, is hired to find a young girl who recently moved to California only to disappear without a trace.

Everyone assumes she is one more dropout who left home to smoke grass and wear flowers in her hair. Sam thinks differently. It becomes clear to him the missing girl is a true believer in something—he just doesn’t know in what or in whom.

He follows the girl’s path into the burgeoning spiritual landscape of the Sixties populated with bizarre Christian cults, Satanist churches, and even counter-culture philosopher Alan Watts. When the cops, outlaw bikers, and dope peddlers all lean on him to drop the case, Sam soon realizes this girl is not your typical runaway, and there is more to her disappearance than meets the eye.




I am writing another mystery, tentatively titled Murder on the Margarita Road. Inspired by Nick and Nora of Dashiell Hammett’s legendary novel The Thin Man, my book follows another wild and unpredictable couple as they drink and flirt their way though the Caribbean.  

Eric is young, rich and retired. He was a lawyer with stock in an up-and-coming tech company. When the company went public, Eric found himself worth millions. He is married to Angel, a former FBI field agent who left the Bureau to accept Eric’s marriage proposal and join him on an endless cruise from island to island.

While attending Key West’s raucous Halloween party known as Fantasy Fest, the couple discovers an old friend of Eric’s, Daryl, has been arrested for murdering his wife. The crime supposedly took place on the eve of Daryl being awarded the license to a new and lucrative ferry route from Key West to Havana.

Eric and Angel are anxious to get to the bottom of things, but anti-Castro Cubans, hard-nosed federal agents, smooth-talking revolutionaries, and more than a few underdressed partygoers keep getting in their way. And why can’t anyone find the victim’s body?

Also in the works is a true-to-life Mexico memoir.