Driftwood: Stories From the Margarita Road, by Anthony Lee Head, is a composite novel about North American nomads living in a little Mexican beach town.

They came down the Margarita Road for as many reasons as there are colors of blue in the Caribbean Sea. Some are on the run from their past, and others are on a pilgrimage to find a second chance. Among them are saints and sinners of every degree of good and bad.

For them, the world is viewed from a beach-side hammock and through the bottom of a tequila bottle. Living the flip flop lifestyle Jimmy Buffett sings about, they all share a common dream: to find a home.

These are the stories of expatriates brave, foolish, or desperate enough to leave an old life behind and leap into the unknown.

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Anthony Lee Head knows the expat experience well, having lived for a decade in tropical Mexico where he and his wife ran a small hotel and bar near the Caribbean Sea. Driftwood: Stories From the Margarita Road is his first book and is being offered for publication.